Yehuda Ben Harush, Dunav chairman

Yehuda Ben Harush, Dunav chairman
Yehuda Ben Harush

Yehuda's been dancing for over a decade and has been running the weekly Balkan dancing group in Jerusalem since Dunav was founded. During this time he's introduced close to 200 dances, mostly dances that he brought back with him from various trips to Balkan countries and villages.

He created and maintains the Dunav database, directs the Dunav performing group and produces all of Dunav products.

Dunav related activities

Yehuda instigates and runs many Dunav activities, including the dance happenings, the theme parties, local dance seminars and the annual Dunav sponsored weekend seminar abroad.

The Dunav performing group, which Yehuda directs, performs periodically at folklore events. The choreographies are mostly medleys of authentic Balkan dances, with just enough choreography to make them "stage ready".

Over the years Yehuda has produced 12 music CDs of Balkan music for the organization; two books with lyrics and translations to songs, each with an accompanying set of three CDs; and 3 DVDs documenting 60 Balkan dances, performed by the Dunav dance troupe.

Dunav database

Yehuda began organizing his folklore collection in a dynamic database that has grown into the richest available repository of Balkan folklore in digital format.

Information and knowledge

Yehuda gathered most of his knowledge from the source by attending seminars and workshops in the Balkan countries and all over Europe.

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