About Dunav

Folk with Dunav

Dunav is a non-profit organization, founded in 2000 by the Balkan dancers in Jerusalem to continue a long tradition of Thursday night folk dancing.

YouTube channels:

  1. The DunavFolk YouTube channel (Dunavfolk)
  2. The Zwiefacher YouTube channel (Zweifacher)
  3. Noa-am (International couples) YouTube channel (Noa-Am)

Dunav dance events and weekends – Dunav celebrates its thriving community by hosting annual folk dance happenings and other dance events.

Today Dunav sponsors and runs a number of projects and events. The income from the weekly dancing is used to back this web site, to produce Dunav folklore products, to sponsor the folklore database, and to fund additional music and folk dance events.

The Dunav folklore database

The Dunav dance database is an ongoing project to document Balkan folklore, created and maintained by Yehuda Ben Harush. The most comprehensive dance and folklore database in existence, it includes more than songs in MP3 format. Each song includes details such as the dance name, the dance type, the dance teacher, dance steps, song lyrics, and translation. The database contains thousands of dance and folklore videos. The video is a mix of commercial material, videos from our trips to the Balkans, and videos that we film and produce for the database archive.

There are copyright issues that prevent us from making it public, but we share pieces of it through this site.

If you are searching for something specific, please feel free to ask.